What kind of wood in your Solid Modular

What kind of wood in your Solid Modular

The main construction material in a prefabricated frame house is wood. Its quality is of fundamental importance for durability and stability of the entire structure. Using the right wood in the construction process will give a peaceful sleep to the investor and his children who will use the house for many years. What does it mean to use the right wood? What parameters matter? Below are the questions we most often answer during conversations with customers.


Why does wood need to be dried?

Shrinkage of wood during the drying process can be as high as 10%, which results in a beam with As a result, a beam with a cross-section of 10x20 cm may have a final cross-section of 9x18 cm (thus lowering the strength of the structure). Wet wood in the process of drying is subject to twisting, bending, and may also crack, causing damage and leaks in the roofing. Wet wood has completely different mechanical properties compared to wood which has undergone drying process. When the humidity of the wood is higher than 30%, the bending resistance decreases even by 75%.

Why in an industrial setting instead of outdoors?

TThe optimum moisture content of structural timber is achieved by drying in industrial chamber dryers. Most people think that it is all about time - speeding up the drying process process of drying from a few years to several days. In fact, speeding up the drying process In reality, speeding up the drying process is not the only goal, there is also another, no less important "side effect". The process chamber drying process involves, among other things, increasing the temperature and pressure in the chamber. Thanks to wood is sterilized, dead, biologically cleansed from fungi, mold and insects. insects. The pores in the wood structure are opened - the wood does not retain water - there is no environment environment for pests.

That is why structural timber can be installed/covered immediately after assembly construction and it will not get mouldy, it does not require impregnation or special storage conditions. storage conditions. Kiln-dried timber is much better material than seasoned in the open air, even if they have the same moisture content

Is every wood equally durable?

Wood, as any material used in the construction of a house must have a certificate describing its parameters. The most important of these are: bending strength, tensile strength along and across and across fibres, compression and shear strength. In addition, the elasticity and density of wood is determined. When determining When determining the quality of wood, attention should be paid to whether it is cracked or shows any signs of indicating possible rot. Only 20% of the sawn timber meets the average structural constructional requirements, i.e. it can be classified as C24. Therefore, the use of unsorted lumber for Therefore, the use of unsorted lumber for construction purposes means that a minimum of 80% of the wood will overwork under conditions (e.g. during windstorms) and will cause e.g. cracking of ceilings, cracking of membranes, moistening of thermal insulation, damage to roofing.

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